We're sorry for the delay on the Cannonball videos! We've been on tons of adventures this fall and have hit a bottleneck with editing. With that said - Part 4 of our Motorcycle Cannonball Revival Daily episodes are here!

The crew rolled into Great Falls, MT cold, wet, and tired after a long day of riding across Montana. Fortunately the bikes and riders made it in one piece. In this episode, Chris and Stefan (who made the switch with Alan at the halfway point) discuss the ride, how our Brough Superior SS100 ran that day, and get Stefan's opinion on his open face Hedon helmet.

For more information on the Motorcycle Cannonball, visit their website at www.motorcyclecannonball.com or follow them on Instagram: @mc_cannonball

Thanks to Hedon Helmets and Sinless Cycles for helping to make this adventure possible.

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