This video is for the older m.Unit V.2 it's still a great reference to get an idea of how to approach your project but attempting to use this for your current project is going to be an exercise in futility. Watch it and take what you can from it then visit our Tech Articles page on the site for our most current universal wiring diagrams.

In this edition of Revival Cycles' Tech Talk, Stefan brings our last few videos together by explaining the theory and practice of wiring your motorcycle. We list every part you need, help with wiring diagram planning and creation, and instill the confidence you need to complete your vintage electrical restoration.

Downloadable Checklist:

Videos and parts referenced in this Tech Talk:

Motogadget m-Unit -

Antigravity Battery -

Motogadget m-Switch -

Motogadget Motoscope Mini -

Starter Solenoid -

m-Lock -

Battery Cables -

Cable Kit -

Heat Shrink -