Joe Ramos made a great start of this mild custom build by swapping a front end from a Ducati Sport Classic to garner a set of spoked wheels and a nice suspension and brake upgrade for this daily commuter along with an Ohlins shock and a set of CNC machined rearsets. The motorcycle also sported a freshly powder coated gold frame, but life happens and this project had been put on the back burner for a while. When Joe was ready to get the motorcycle his wife learned to ride on finished up and back on the road, he reached out to the professionals at Revival Cycles. The original plan called for a simple M-unit rewire and a seat rework, then Joe would finish it up.

Revival Cycles started with fabricating all new electrical mounts under the Monster's fuel tank to locate the MotoGadget M-Unit Blue, the Anti-Gravity 8-cell battery, a LiPO4 compatible Reg/Rec from Rick’s Motorsport Electrics the factory ignition coils, horn, and starter solenoid. Since the frame was already powdercoated, a one piece, bolt on aluminum bracket was designed and fabricated to house all of the components. Once the electrical was in place, a full custom wiring harness was built from scratch for a reliable motorcycle and a tidy look. To control the electronics a set of MotoGadget Mini M-buttons were fitted to a pair of LSL X-bars handlebars after a Ducati Hypermotorad top triple clamp was adapted to fit the Monster/Sport Classic front end. A set of MotoGadget M-Disc turn signals were installed in the bars as well for more visibility and a set of matching M-grips fitted as well.

With the electrics and wiring sorted out, Joe was so happy with the results and the reality of how much free time he actually has he commissioned Revival to finish out the build for him. The Ducati seat pan and foam were reworked to fit the fuel tank and frame much better than the factory pieces and a few extra frame tabs were removed to clean up the lines of the bike. The reworked seat was upholstered by Revival Limited in a simple black leather and a design created to minimize the size of the 2-up seat, creating the illusion of a much smaller surface area. A one-off aluminum headlight ring was machined to fit the 5 ¾” LED headlight, secured with custom stainless steel brackets.

With the hard work done it was time for final finishes and the most important part of making the little Monster road worthy again. The engine covers and belt covers were removed and powder-coated satin black to keep the focus on the simplified gold trellis frame. The Keihin FCR flatslide carburetors were rebuilt and rejetted for the Termignoni high exit dual exhaust previously fitted by Joe and a fresh set of Pirelli MT90’s were fitted front and rear to give the bike a more aggressive feel. The final piece was a repaint to Porsche Graphite Blue with a custom gold Atari font Ducati logo on the fuel tank.

While this custom bike isn’t a full outrageous build, it is a tasteful and very well finished under appreciated Ducati Monster that is great fun to ride around town and turns lots of heads.



<==Starting Platform==>

Manufacturer: Ducati Year: 1999 Model: M750 Monster Condition: Weight (wet):

<==Chassis==> Material: Steel tube Ducati Trellis frame, de-tabbed. Rake: NA Ground Trail: NA Weight (wet): NA Weight (dry): Front: Rear:

<==Body Work==> Ducati Monster M750 fuel tank, Ducati Sport Classic front fender, reworked Monster seat with trimmed side panels, extended seat wings to fuel tank and re-foamed seat pan.

<==Revival Cycles Designed Parts==> CNC machined headlight ring, Stainless Steel headlight mount,

<==Suspension==> Front: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic forks, wheel, brakes, lower triple clamp, Ducati Hypermotard upper triple clamp (handlebar mount integrated). Rebuilt and respung for rider.

Rear: Ohlins remote reservoir shock, powdercoated spring black, set for rider weight.

<==Wheels==> Front: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Rim: Aluminum Tire: Pirelli MT90 120/70/17

Rear: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Sprocket: SuperSprox Rim: Aluminum Tire: Pirelli MT90 160/70/17

<==Electrical==> Ignition System: Ducati OEM ignition pick ups, coils Charging System: Ducati 3 phase permanent magnet stator, Rick’s LiPO4 Reg/Rec

MotoGadget M-unit Blue United Pacific 5 ¾” LED headlight Integrated rear turn signals into tail light MotoGadget M-Blaze disc bar end signals MotoGadget ChronoClassic tachometer w/ mounting bracket Anti-Gravity 8-cell battery MotoGadget mini push buttons

<==Engine==> Stock Ducati Monster 750 Keihin FCR 39mm flatslide carburetors Termignoni dual high mount exhaust

<==Controls==> Rear-sets: NA Handlebars: LSL X-bars Throttle: Domino throttle Front Brake Master: Brembo Clutch Master: Brembo Clutch Slave: NA Rear Brake Master: Brembo

<==Brakes==> Front Rotor: Brembo 310mm Front Caliper: Brembo Rear Rotor: Brembo 240mm Rear Caliper: Brembo

<==Instrumentation==> MotoGadget ChronoClassic tachometer