Tim always wanted to build a motorcycle, but he never owned one and certainly had never built one. In 2016, he decided it was time. He had no budget, just money to spend on parts when he could afford them. For him, it was simply, “... for the pure joy of the build.”

For a decent price, he picked up the stock(ish) CB750c beginner bike and soon realized his obsession with anything mechanical would consume this project. He owned it for about three weeks before it was in a million pieces in his garage. At that point, he decided he wanted it to be everything he always dreamed a bike would be. Formed in his imagination was a cafe style bike that would not only look fast but also be fast — with the reliability of a modern bike.

The engine was removed and fully rebuilt with ported and polished heads and fitted with an upgraded valve-train. Tim added Keihin CR racing carbs with velocity stacks. A Mac 4-2-1 exhaust was fitted with the baffles removed.

The entire bike was rewired with CAN Bus digital wiring and keyless RFID tech using, “...Motogadget everything.” (Purchased from Revival)

Both the front and rear suspension were overhauled and upgraded with Progressive springs. The tail section was cut and redesigned for a lower ride. The powder coating was done by a local bicycle shop and the paint by a local auto repair shop.

Months would go by as Tim was saving up for parts and, at times, he struggled to stay motivated to keep going. He wanted to spare no expense and make no short cuts so he could be completely contentwith the final product.

Three years later, “Pure Joy” rolled down the street for the first time. He had the coils wired wrong on the first ride and it was only running on two cylinders, “...but man oh man, after I fixed that and heard this puppy roar for the first time, it was music to my ears.”

In his own words, Tim is “1000% satisfied, not a thing I would change. I’m sure I’ll get the itch again. As I said, it’s a sickness all of us builders have. I have done several cars but only one bike... for now.”