Matt Davis found himself in need of a project. Having recently purchased a ’75 CB750 at a swap meet for $1K, he put himself to work over the winter season of 2018-19. All in all, it took fifty Sundays.

He wanted to build something fun and different, and something that he could ride to work in any weather.

The bike was in fair condition when he bought it but It had some wiring issues and the carbs needed to be rebuilt.

Matt made a new and minimal wiring harness, and trimmed some unnecessary pieces from the frame.

He fabricated a battery box that loads from the side instead of the top so he could permanently bolt the seat on.

He kept the side panels that everyone else seems content to throw away. 

“The oil tank on the CB750 has always been an elegant feature — in my mind at least.”

He fitted new seals to the engine and repainted the body. He fitted bigger jets and pods for the carbs, and a new exhaust. There were no low points for Matt: 

“It was a fun project that kept me busy through the winter.”

In total, the budget came in at around $3K. He’s pretty happy with the results.

“It is not fancy or glamorous, but is well suited to the job of fun and dependable”. 

If it gets some mud on it, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t feel compelled to constantly clean it, and consistently rides it home in greasy coveralls after a shift at a sawmill.

When asked if he’s got anything else in mind, he replied: 

“I have a CB550 I’m thinking about, I’d really like to build a chopper now that my kids are grown. I saw a cool dirt bike on Craigslist like the one I bought new in 1986 that I could do some stuff to. I can’t imagine my life without a motorcycle. Or many.”

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