Rick's Universal (Type-A) Field Excited 3-Phase Regulator/Rectifier For Lead Acid & Lithium Batteries

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The (Type A) Field-Excited 3-Phase Reg/Rec from Rick's Motorsports Electrics is the best UNIVERSAL solution we've found for upgrading your OEM field excited charging system.

This will fit many but not all 1970's Honda 4 cylinders, Yamaha XS650's, Kawasaki KZ's and Suzuki GS's, etc. See below for more details. 

Despite being engineered for optimized functionality with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, it is 100%, fully compatible with traditional lead acid chemistries (including AGM and Gel Cells). 

This Reg/Rec is only for Type-A Charging systems. Not sure what that means? The short answer is to scroll down to the fitment chart and see if your bike is on the list. If it’s listed under Type-B then you need (TYPE-B) REG/REC, If you don’t see your bike at all, shoot out Tech Support team an email with your OEM wire diagram and we’ll help you out.  

Add the Apex 2.8 High Amp Connector Kit  from the dropdown menu to include the best Reg/Rec connector on the market!


14.2 Volt set point (gets the batteries topped up without overcharging Lithium cells)


Compatible with all 12V 3-phase field-excited charging systems

Rated to 400 watts or 30 amps

Very low heat generation

APEX 2.8 Connectors are a heavy-duty sealed connector ideal for Stator to Regulator connections but versatile enough for many other motorcycle applications. Large terminals means large contact surfaces allowing each to carry up to 40amps of current while the design makes these the most compact 2.8mm system available. Designed to survive harsh automotive conditions under the hood and can be found in many Mopar cars and trucks.


Ideal for Regulator/Rectifier connections but versatile enough for many other applications.

40 amps per terminal

2, 3, 4, & 6 pole options.

Two terminal sizes 14-16AWG and 16-20AWG*

Easy to assemble and service

Easy release latch with locking mechanism

Mounting tab

Meets or Exceeds USCAR and GMW3191 Standards 

Watertight up to IP 68

Temperature range -40ºc to 150ºC 

Vibration Performance 12 G

**On an 8 wire Stator we use a 2 pole for the Field Excitement wires and a 6 Pole for the remaining wires.

83 CB550SC Moto Guzzi w/ Bosch Stators
83-86 CB650SC HONDA
79-81 CB650 72-74 CB350F
80-82 CB650C 75-77 CB400F
82 CB650SC 71-78 CB500K
84-86 CB700SC 78 CB550
80-82 CB750C 75-77 CB550F
79-82 CB750F 74-78 CB550K
79-82 CB750K 75-78 CB750F
79 CB750L 69-78 CB750K
82-83 CB750SC 76-78 CB750A
80-82 CB900C YAMAHA
81-82 CB900F 73-75 RD250
83 CB1000C 73-75 RD350
87-88 CBR1000F 75-79 XS650
79-82 CBX1000 77-79 XS650SK
73-74 TX500 77-78 KZ400A
77-79 RD400 75-77 KZ400D
77-79 XS400 75-77 KZ400S
79-81 XS400 76-77 KZ650
82-83 XS400J SUZUKI
82-83 XS400RJ 72-76 GT550
81-82 XJ550H  
81-83 XJ550K  
83 XJ550RK  
84-85 FJ600  
86-88 FZ600  
86-88 YX600  
80-83 XJ650K  
82-83 XJ650LK  
80-81 XS650  
80-83 XS650SK  
85 XJ700N  
86 XJ700S  
85-86 XJ700X  
82-83 XJ750K  
83 XJ750MK  
81-83 XJ750R  
82-83 XJ750RK  
78-79 XS750  
78-79 XS750S  
80-81 XS850  
83 XJ900RK  
78-81 XS1100  
76-77 KZ750B Twin 



Revival Birdcage BMW R18

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From our customers


100% impressed over and over again by Jeff & Co at Revival. They’re patient and kind no matter the enquiry (currently resto-modding an R100/7 and have LOTS of questions about the Motogadget rewire) and go out of their way to offer creative solutions and out of the box thinking. I will forever return and recommend Revival.

Theo B.
North Vancouver, BC

I cannot recommend Revival Cycles enough. Not only do they have a great assortment of gear and accessories but they provide superb customer service. I was having some difficulty making it work... Jeff pointed out what I was missing and also provided schematics to make it work. Thank you guys very kindly, your crew rocks.

Svend P.
Santa Fe, NM



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