PDM60 Power Distribution Module


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This completely sealed power distribution is a must if you are running multiple accessories for your adventure or custom motorcycle. Safely attach handwarmers, phone chargers and GPS units without harming your electrical system. Tested for over 1,000,000 cycles, under a full 60 amp load, the PDM60 is designed to take a beating. 

  • Fully encapsulated in an industrial grade, hi-temp potting material to make it fully water, weather, and dust proof from even the harshest of environments.
  • Using the simple dashboard, compatible with Mac and Windows, you can program, add or delete accessories on your bike of choice.
  • The PDM60 is completely CAN compatible. 
  • The PDM60 has status LEDs for each circuit.
  • No need for fuses or relays to power accessories.
  • 6 power circuits to handle your GPS, handwarmers and various add ons.
  • 12volt applications can be used on a CANBUS Motorcycles like the BMW GS

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