Bully Grip Lock


Keeping your motorcycle secure is not an easy undertaking. How to thwart thieves without foiling yourself in the process? This grip lock by Bully is our favorite security compromise. It keeps the front brake lever locked, making it impossible to roll your bike even a few inches. Not only does this prevent you from forgetting about the lock, it precludes potential thieves from damaging a fender or a caliper in an attempted heist. It’s easy to install: just fit over your grip, compress the brake lever, and lock. Slip your helmet strap in before clamping down, and it doubles as a helmet hold.

It’s adjustable for multiple grip sizes and lever lengths, although we’ve found it to be ideal for smaller levers; check the measurements below before buying one for your Harley. The lock itself is hardened steel, and the hi-vis yellow Nylon casing does double duty. Designed to protect your paint job, it will also deter would-be interlopers from even getting close to your bike. Also available in black.