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Revival has always been focused on building one-off parts and bikes and when it came time to move in our HEAVY CNC mill and lathe, we decided that moving them once made much more since than ever having to move again. If our business grows in size in the future as it has in the past, then we will be forced to move the entire shop to a larger space. Moving them inside a converted shipping container made much more sense as moving the container with them strapped down would be much simpler. We built out a 40’ container with insulation, electricity and air conditioning to keep the bulk of our dirty metal fabrication out of the clean assembly areas. We’re quite happy with the result!

Prototyping:  We’ll gladly help you with any custom machining, CAD design, and/or whatever needs you have, whether it be reproduce an impossible-to-find part made for your machine or one a bespoke one that simply doesn’t exist yet.

Drop us a line for more information at:

Cylinder Work:  We also offer complete cylinder honing and boring for your machine for the do-it-yourselfers out there. 

We’ll measure, inspect, bore, final hone and final measure almost any cylinder you have for $85 per cylinder. 

Bring us your pistons or we can source and provide pistons for you and we’ll get the job done quickly.

*Must have pistons before any work can be done

*Any additional cleaning of dirty cylinders carries an extra charge

*Two-Stroke port chamfering is an extra $15 charge